connecting early stage minority / underrepresented founders with investors commited to diversity and inclusion

Because let’s face it… getting a ‘warm intro’ for some of us can be near-on impossible.

Seeking Capital?

I’m a minority / underrepresented founder raising my pre-seed or seed round

looking for deal flow?

I’m an early-stage investor / fund committed to building an equitable portfolio

“VCs allocated only 2.6% of their 2020 investments to minority founders.”

- Crunchbase

“As of January 2021, only 93 Black and 58 Latinx women have ever raised over $1M.

- Project Diane

what /
who is a minority /
underrepresented founder
and why does it matter?

Most venture capital and investment goes to white males, and as a founder who doesn’t fit into that category, getting the investment needed to grow your startup is incredibly difficult. This also means the world is largely missing out on the enormous amount of innovation and brilliance coming from these founders:



people of color




"While sitting and listening to a panel of investors in Tel Aviv, in October of 2022, I heard yet another white male VC explain that ‘while they’re really focused on increasing their investment in underrepresented founders…
there just wasn’t enough deal flow’.

That moment sparked something in me.

I’d heard this over and over again throughout the year, however as an experienced founder myself, with three previous exits under my belt and a business (Growmotely) that was pretty well-timed from a macro economic perspective - I had not been able to secure VC funding.

It’s time for real change, and if the problem is deal flow, we can solve for that. Easily. Because I know, in my heart and in my lived experience, there is a world of incredibly talented minority / underrepresented founders out there who deserve our attention. It’s time for the world to receive the incredible innovations they have to offer us, and it’s time for it not to be so hard for them to bring their vision to life.

And so I built REWILD. A simple way for minority / underrepresented founders to get their deals in front of investors who’re committed to increasing the diversity within their portfolios.

Join me, as we rewild capital and breathe new life into the entrepreneurial ecosystem the world over.”

sarah hawley


As a land-regeneration enthusiast, I’ve learned much that can (and should) be applied to the business world from the permaculture movement. The most thriving natural environments are extremely bio-diverse, compared with mono-crop farming which literally kills the soil, and ultimately the health and vitality of any food grown there.

While mono-cropping and the use of chemicals in farming may have initially resulted in high yields for farmers, things long-term have not turned out so well, and that affects us all. I believe the same has happened in the investment world, and while we continue to ‘mono-invest’ we continue to degrade our society’s vital spirit over the long term.

Taking inspiration from the natural world, let’s ‘rewild’ capital and the entrepreneurial ecosystem together to create a diverse, inclusive and thriving world for us to live in.